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A Form is a Form is a Form

Data is everywhere in the financial services industry, but most firms struggle with collecting, storing, managing, protecting, and utilizing it. Whether it's client data, investment portfolio data, application data, brokerage account data, etc., advisors have a wealth of information that can fuel other useful technologies that improve client experiences and help advisors better analyze and communicate with their clients.

Unfortunately, many firms are filling out forms and leaving behind the most valuable aspect...the data. The abundance of paperwork and fragmentation of technology within each firm has paralyzed professionals. An example of that is form processing and data harvesting.

What is a form but an organized data capture? When you are a data company that harvests the data entered into forms, you can easily facilitate compliant workflows from the client-advisor interaction all the way through to back-office processing.

Combining integrated CRMs, e-signature solutions, custodial platforms, and other advisor tools, we provide a digital processing platform for advisors that is organized and accessible, which saves firms time and money.

There is no shortage of forms to complete, given what regulators and financial institutions require. Filling out forms takes time. Time is money. Wouldn't it be great if each time you fill out a form, all of the data is saved for future use as needed?

Couple the paperwork problem with the challenge of advisors working with multiple platforms simultaneously. They must juggle multiple CRMs, custodian websites, applications, advisor software systems, etc. This makes it difficult to know where all their client's data is located so they can easily access and process it.

Another challenge is getting this information together in one place so it's accessible anytime. And what about when one form changes? How do you keep track of those changes? We've solved this problem by creating an automated digital processing platform for advisors with updated form data that allows them to create custom workflows for each firm. We can handle everything else by providing this platform so advisors no longer have disparate applications with different outcomes.

Forms = Data

We believe that the future of financial services will be built on data and technology. We look at a form and see a data opportunity to provide a digital processing platform for advisors that is organized and accessible, which saves time and money.

We are here to help streamline your business by providing the tools needed to grow your practice. Our easy-to-use Navigator Platform sees a form as data that integrates seamlessly into your existing technology stack so that you can focus on what matters most - taking care of your clients and growing your business!



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