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Implementation Woes... and the Nightmare of the Bizarro Gulligan Man

For the financial firm that wants to simplify its paperwork and shore up its back-office processes but wonders if the current platform providers on the market can deliver what they promise, we at Forms Logic understand. We’ve worked hard to become great at helping financial firms complete and transmit important information quickly while dramatically cutting implementation because we know the industry does not have an excellent track record.

And we’d like to illustrate:

Imagine you decide you want a water softener in your house. So you call the Culligan Man. He always looks so friendly and helpful in the commercials! He’s even got a uniform. This guy will come to your house and improve your water, and you will enjoy the experience because he cares about customer service.

Imagine the Culligan Man shows up, but it’s not the experience you were promised or expected. Before he can install the water softener, he explains that he needs to rip out all of your household plumbing before he can install the water softener. This process will take weeks. Oh, and by the way, you must put it together or pay him extra to do that part.

And the water softener? You’ll need to learn an entirely new way of turning on your faucet if you want any benefits.

Now let us be clear, this is not how Culligan does things. That’s why it’s a successful company. The Culligan Man is the helpful professional he appears to be in the commercials – at least as far as we know. What we’ve described here is a bizarro Culligan Man! But that’s not always the case with companies who presume to provide platforms to financial firms that support their paperwork and back-office functions. They promise many benefits – faster client transitioning and onboarding, data storage, compliance oversight, etc. – and the whole proposition assumes that implementation will be simple and quick.

When this works, it helps financial firms to keep advisors in the fold. Advisors appreciate that they can get new clients onboard more quickly, that they can process transactions more quickly, that their NIGO rates will decline dramatically, and that they can eliminate the obstacles to collecting their commissions and fees.

They stick around when you provide advisors with an easy-to-implement system like this. When you don’t – and they have to keep dealing with paperwork and process problems – they start looking for other places to go.

That’s why Forms Logic stands out from the field of providers who are all making these promises. Forms Logic guides clients through the process of implementing its Navigator platform, keeps costs under control, and smooths the disruption of your existing operations in the meantime.

Everyone can make promises. Every system can theoretically deliver a whole menu of benefits. But only the one you can implement will do it. That’s why your next call should be to Forms Logic.



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