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How Do You Select the Right e-Sign Provider?

DocuSign is like Kleenex or Xerox in the e-sign world. It’s such a dominant brand that it sometimes gets confused with the entire industry. (Ever offer someone a Kleenex and then hand them a Puffs? Grandpa Puffs hates when you do that but this is the power of branding.) But DocuSign is far from the only e-sign vendor in the field, and for many companies it’s not the one that makes the most sense for them to be using.

DocuSign is a very robust technology, and you’ll never go wrong using it. But DocuSign also bills you large amounts in advance, regardless of how (or how little) you use it. For companies whose e-sign needs don’t match that type of billing arrangement, it makes sense to look for another option. But how do you choose?

This is where the good news comes in: If you work with us at Forms Logic, you don’t have to choose. We consolidate e-signature services into one platform. We have relationships with all types of vendors and we can tell you exactly which one makes the most sense for you based on your usage.

But it’s more than that.

We also serve as the integration platform, so all you have to do is send the data to us and we take it from there. We send the paperwork to the various e-sign vendors and they handle the rest. It couldn’t be simpler for you.

Not only that, but because we deal with so many vendors in such high volumes, we have tremendous buying power. That allows us to negotiate much more favorable rates on your behalf. Not every vendor is a good fit for every industry.

Some vendors aren’t set up to meet the needs of financial services companies. Some provide unlimited signatures while others don’t.

You could spend a lot of time trying to investigate all of these vendors and measure them against your specific needs. But if you simply work with us, we’ll save you the trouble of the research (because we already know), and we’ll save you money with our buying power.

And of course, we simplify the process. We create all the documents to be signed. We handle distribution and all the other details behind the scenes. Just signing the documents isn’t the hard part, of course. It’s gathering the data, putting it all where it belongs and making sure it works correctly.

When we can make it that simple, it’s an easy choice to go with us. That’s why so many firms do.



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